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21 / 7 / 14
Anonymousasks: Hey Katie! I'm curious in which psych course you enjoyed throughout your years so far. I'm in my 2nd year of university and I need to choose a psych course as an elective. I'm stuck between choosing child development, behaviour modifications or abnormal psych. Any opinions?

Of those three I’d definitely go with child development. Abnormal psych is cool too, but anything behavior-related can be…a bit dry. It really depends on the professor and his/her approach. 

21 / 7 / 14
perpetuallyclassyasks: Have you done any videos on sororities/fraternities? The good and the bad?

Nope. I’m not in one, nor did I ever want to be, so I don’t have anything to say about them. Sorry!

20 / 7 / 14

Here’s CollegeTalk #15! I answer more of your questions! Did I answer yours?

19 / 7 / 14
looking-for-briannaasks: First off, congratulations on your forth year of making videos!! I just watched your most recent haul video and loved your hair. Did you do something different with it?

Thank you! Nope, nothing different.

17 / 7 / 14

Haul time! I’m going to try to edit another video tonight… either a College Talk or a GRWM or a Favorites…so many options! X)

17 / 7 / 14
jadeykinzsaysasks: Hey Katie! So I'm JUST starting to get into the whole eyebrow makeup stuff. Do you have any recommendations? (I don't thread or any of that mostly just for filling and stuff. I like to keep it natural but I've noticed having "strong eyebrow game" makes me seem & feel more confident)

Haha! Ummm honestly, not really. I really like the ELF clear brow gel for setting my brows. You really have to try different things to figure out what you like, whether it be a pencil, powder, etc. I use a combo of the two. I’ve had my eye on the Anatasia Dip Brow pomades, but haven’t gotten around to trying them yet!

17 / 7 / 14
Anonymousasks: What do you keep your papers in in college. Do you use folders or binders or do you just store them in your back pack? Do professors even give out handouts?

That all depends on the course/prof lol. Are you starting college in the fall? I’d wait until the first day of class to find out what you need. 

17 / 7 / 14
mi-mi-92asks: Hey Katie! I don't have any questions for you, but I just wanted you to know that I love your videos on both channels. Out of all the people I'm subscribed to, you are the most relatable and you make me laugh :) Thank you and keep it up!

Thank you SO much! That really means a lot to me! <33

17 / 7 / 14
sundriedstarsasks: hey! i LOVE your videos u r literally the cutest. haha ok anyway what lip color were u wearing in your vs, aero, f21 haul video?? i want to say it was vino by mac but i'm not sure!

Haha thanks! It’s the L’Oreal Caresse Wet Shine Stain in Berry Persistent. Not a fan of MAC lipsticks actually.

15 / 7 / 14
hannerthebananerasks: Do you have fall 2014 wardrobe essentials? I'd like to think I do my hair and makeup really well but I have a terrible sense of style which kind of ruins it. Any tips for looking more in style or fashionable?

mmm, not yet. I haven’t thought that far in advance lol.

That’s a difficult question for me because I don’t really know what makes a person fashionable. I mean, everyone has their own style…I guess fashion is more going along with current trends and what not. I think that some effort in looking put together and feeling confident about what you’re wearing is enough! Although if you want to look in style or fashionable, then you could just wear what everyone else is wearing…but I wouldn’t recommend that. :)