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22. Full-time college student. beauty/makeup obsessed. shopping addict. crime show junkie. sarcastic. 100% honest. ♥.

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"Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is You-er than You."
-Dr. Seuss

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26 / 8 / 14

Have you seen my new haul video? Check out some of my latest finds! :)

26 / 8 / 14
Anonymousasks: what music do you typically listen to? any artists recommendation ?

I’m going to sound so basic, but I have literally been listening to Shake it Off NONSTOP since it came out. I’m a little obsessed. just a little.

Besides that though I really like singer-songwriter, pop, r&b…my favorite artist is gavin degraw. his old stuff though, particularly the stripped version of his chariot album. 

also, if you haven’t heard of gabe bondoc, I’ve loved him since like middle school. he’s got a john mayer sort of vibe. 

26 / 8 / 14
Anonymousasks: What did you major in??

-_- FAQs people. 

26 / 8 / 14
Anonymousasks: If you come to NY would you consider doing a meet up or something like that? I would love to meet you! :)

Well I don’t have plans to go to NY anytime soon lol. I wish!

26 / 8 / 14
soft-grungxasks: Hi. I'm half black/half Korean and I really wanna go to college in Korea but I'm afraid of the judgement. What should I do?

Go to college in Korea! lol.

if you have the ability to go and want to go, then go! :)

23 / 8 / 14
Anonymousasks: apartment, commuting, or dorming? Which do you think is better?

It depends. If you’re a freshman or first year transfer student, then definitely something on campus. Other than that it’s really dependent on your preferences.

23 / 8 / 14
Anonymousasks: What kind of laptop do you use?

macbook pro. 

23 / 8 / 14
Anonymousasks: what do you do to work out/exercise?

I don’t. 

23 / 8 / 14
Anonymousasks: Do you have any money saving tips for college?

Don’t spend what you don’t have, and don’t touch your savings.

23 / 8 / 14
Anonymousasks: Hi Katie! I was wondering, does being in a sport boost your chances of getting into a good college? I'm not in a sport but I'm kind of devoted to marching band, haha. Thanks!

mm I’m not qualified to answer this lol. We all know that extracurriculars are important, but I have no idea how a sport compares to marching band in the eyes of admissions.