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"Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is You-er than You."
-Dr. Seuss

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29 / 7 / 14
Anonymousasks: Hi I started watching your channel and I love your style! I was wondering, do you have a signature scent? Or are there any perfumes that you really like?


Yes, I’m typically wearing either DKNY Be Delicious or DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom.

I also love the Escada limited edition scents they come out with every year. I have 3 and may buy this year’s too…I’m a fruity scent kinda girl lol :)

29 / 7 / 14
Anonymousasks: hey katie! i love your fashion sense :) i have a lace bra, just like your vs one that you wore for your f21 haul video but i've no idea how to style it so that it reveals just the right amount of lace but not appear too 'slutty' or revealing too much of the bra. besides the tank you wore for your video, what other tops would u recommend i pair it with? thanks so much :))))

Have you checked out my instagram yet? I wear bralettes all the time, so you may get an idea or two from there. 

You can’t really tell how much is going to be exposed until you try stuff on, so I recommend just trying different tanks and tees to see what works for your body and preferences. I like low cut armholes or back cut outs myself.  :)

29 / 7 / 14
Anonymousasks: Do you work? or intern?how do u have all these money to buy the clothes ?

I was going to just ignore this question, but just for future reference, I’d really appreciate it if you guys didn’t ask money-related questions. It’s not something I’m comfortable discussing. Thanks!

29 / 7 / 14
Anonymousasks: Where is your white instagram picture you mentioned windsor from? From their site? Can you post a link to the dreess? I love love when youdo that for the viewers, i really appreciate it!

Check out my new haul video!

29 / 7 / 14
Anonymousasks: Would you agree with others that the quarter system is really fast and hard?

Honestly, I don’t think anyone thinks it’s that hard after a couple quarters. You get used to it pretty quickly. 10 weeks can feel really long and really short at the same time lol. Just depends on the course and what point in the quarter you’re at! :)

29 / 7 / 14
lavie-est-belle94asks: Hello Katie, I'm Teasha an incoming college freshmen. I'm also planning to take Psychology as a major. I would like to ask what should I expect when taking a major in Psychology? is it heavy in math? does it have a lot of group projects, laboratory activities? Research projects? I grew up in the Philippines so I don't know what to expect here. In Arizona any response will be much appreciated. BTW, I LOOOOVE your vlogs especially the college talk :)

I have a video about my psych major already. It’s really going to depend on what school you go to, what facet of psych you focus on if you choose a focus at all, whether you’re getting a BS or BA, etc. lol sorry, that’s not something I can really help you with since you’re not going to my school. Good luck! :)

29 / 7 / 14
Anonymousasks: you should do a morning routine! :)

I don’t really have one lol.

29 / 7 / 14
Anonymousasks: how do you stay skinny & keep your belly flat? any tips?

I don’t lol. Just depends on how much crappy food I decide to eat haha :)

Honestly, cut out or minimize junk food if you haven’t already. Makes a big difference. 

29 / 7 / 14
Anonymousasks: what do you use for your everyday skincare day and night? you have really nice skin!

Currently just using an aveeno cleanser with my clarisonic mia and a neutrogena toner. For moisturizer, tarte maracuja oil at night and a boots lotion for day.  

29 / 7 / 14
Anonymousasks: holy SHIT your nails are real?? i seriously thought you wore fake nails. are they still healthy?

Ha! I would never wear fake ones. Yep, they’re healthy!