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"Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is You-er than You."
-Dr. Seuss

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20 / 4 / 14

Happy Easter everyone! I have a NEW VIDEO for you guys today. Finally, I know. I’m sorry for my absence! :)

14 / 4 / 14
Anonymousasks: Will you be uploading videos soon? We misss your vids! Hope everything's going okay.....

Sorry! I’ve been insanely busy the past two weeks with the musical I was working on, and I’m just now getting a break. Hopefully I’ll have some new content next week! 

14 / 4 / 14
Anonymousasks: Are you ok?? Invasion of privacy...?

yes? lol do you not know what that means…? In case you don’t, I just meant that screeshots of my phone are not something I want to share because I’d like to keep that private. 

13 / 4 / 14
Anonymousasks: Hey! Just wanted to know what apps do you have on your iphone. Can you please post the screenshots? Pleaseeeee! By the way I'm a fan of your blog!

Thanks! But no, sorry. That kind of feels like an invasion of privacy lol.

13 / 4 / 14
Anonymousasks: Please do a YouTube tutorial on your wavey/curly hair! It is so gorgeous, I'm so jealous:((

I’ve talked about this so many times lol. I just put it in a bun.

13 / 4 / 14
Anonymousasks: Hi! My guy friend has a crush on me but i don't feel the same way, and we're all in the same friend group. He's been talking to me more and more and I obviously want to talk to him, but just as friends. I tend to get super awkward when I know a guy likes me and start to avoid them like no tomorrow. But I actually want to maintain the friendship I have with him and our group of friends. What would you do?

ah, yes. I’ve been there. How do you know he likes you? Did he tell you or did a friend tell you? Does he know you know? I feel like it’d be best to talk about it. I mean either way it’s going to be awkard since you don’t return the feelings, but if you just pretend it’s not happening and he keeps pursuing you, it’s going to get worse. And of course, you don’t want to lead him on because that always ends badly too.

13 / 4 / 14
Anonymousasks: haha sorry.. I should have been more specific about Uconn.. but do you think it is a good school. I got accepted and I like it a lot, but I am stuck between Uconn or NYU... cost is a huge factor...haha

I don’t know lol. I suggest talking to people who actually go to those schools, so you can get some real feedback about what the campuses are like. Hopefully that’ll help you decide!

31 / 3 / 14
Anonymousasks: Have you heard of the college Uconn?

um yes lol.

31 / 3 / 14
Anonymousasks: You are so freakin pretty! I also love your youtube channel! :)

Thank you! :)

31 / 3 / 14
Anonymousasks: fair enough, yeah some of it can be extreeeeeemely accurate. if you're properly curious though, you should find out your time of birth and calculate your natal chart, cuz then you can find out your rising sign/moon sign as well as your normal sign :) (just type in 'natal chart calculator' into google and click on the 2nd result)- its pretty entertaining tbh haha :)

lol sounds cool. Thanks for the info :)