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22. Full-time college student. beauty/makeup obsessed. shopping addict. crime show junkie. sarcastic. 100% honest. ♥.

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"Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is You-er than You."
-Dr. Seuss

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16 / 9 / 14
Anonymousasks: what was your favourite subject back in school ? and you r really beautiful :*

back in school like… high school? I liked math. except precalc. precalc sucked. 

apart from academics though, dance was my favorite for obvious reasons lol. 

16 / 9 / 14
Anonymousasks: Love your vids Katie!! I have a question on how to be more social. i'm currently in my sophmore year of college. It is quite hard making friends on campus since my college is a commuter school.

Thanks! I’ve talked about this in numerous videos already though lol… I’m really not the person to be asking as I myself am not social. The only advice I have is to join clubs or organizations on campus. Go to any kind of social events or dances if you like those. Talk to people in class? haha sorry, I’m seriously asocial. 

16 / 9 / 14
Anonymousasks: love the mammoth vlog! you should definitely vlog again!

Thanks! I will if I do something remotely interesting again LOL.

16 / 9 / 14
Anonymousasks: Hey I love your youtube !! You always make me smile :) so I was wondering if you would do 'its okay to be single'-video?


lol hmmm…

The thing is, I don’t think I have that much to say about that. Not enough for a video anyway. I mean… it’s okay to be single. It’s okay to not be single. As long as you’re doing what’s right for you, then that’s all that matters.

16 / 9 / 14
Anonymousasks: Alex Blake was important.

k cool

16 / 9 / 14
Anonymousasks: so i've been wanting to ombre my hair but as a college student, girl just don't have $$$ to be going to a salon! would you recommend the l'oreal dye you used in your video and do you remember what you used to ombre your hair a second time? (that's about the color i want mine) thanks!! :D

Yeah, I used two l’oreal kits. The second time I used the one for black hair. 

16 / 9 / 14
Anonymousasks: Hey Kat, just wondering, did you live with people/friends in college? And if so how were you able to bond with them?

Yeah lol. Check out my dorm living and roommate tag videos. 

16 / 9 / 14
Anonymousasks: Your top five favorite stores? (Can also be online) And do you have any tips for online shopping? I want to buy clothes online but I don't want to end up buying something in the wrong size/fit. :(

I’m guessing you only want clothing store recs? Like 75% of my wardrobe is Forever 21 to be honest. I know a lot of my friends aren’t huge fans, but I have no problem finding stuff there lol. I also love Cotton On. H&M is good for basics. I also really like Brandy, but I feel like you can find most of their pieces elsewhere for less. I really like the things I have from there though.

Yeah, there’s always a chance that things aren’t going to fit right or they’ll look different in person. Just make sure you know what the return policy is before you take the plunge. :)

16 / 9 / 14
Anonymousasks: can you post your a+ studying playlist? :D

actually yes! haha, I think I’ll dedicate an entire post to that :))

12 / 9 / 14
Anonymousasks: What's your favourite make up product? :)

aghhh that’s like asking me what my favorite item of clothing is. I can’t pick one!