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17 / 7 / 11

Hello everyone!

If you watched my latest haul video, I mentioned getting these blushes. I have Rose D’Oro already, and I loooove that one. It’s a supposed dupe for the limited edition MAC MSF is Stereo Rose. I’ve seen comparison swatches, and it’s very similar, but not an exact dupe.

Anyway, the two I got are 03 Berry Amore and 08 Corallina.

Berry Amore is a berry pink base with what looks like lavender, gold, and coppery bronze veining. This is a very shimmery blush, but it doesn’t have chunky glitter.

Corallina is a bright coral base with orange, white, and a darker coral veining. Unfortunately this one is extremely shimmery with bright silver shimmer/glitter that is a bit too much.

From the research I’ve done online, there is only 1 matte blush from this collection and I’ve never seen it in any stores. All the rest have some sort of shimmer or glitter.

I think Berry Amore is really nice. Blended together it becomes a golden rose color. The shimmer adds the oh-so-coveted “natural glow” to the cheeks that I think would compliment all skin tones. I really enjoy wearing this one for everyday, especially in the summer.

Corallina on the other hand isn’t so great. The color is really pretty, It’s a nice pinky coral that I think would look best with light to medium skintones. The color is really perfect except for the glitter. There is way too much and it’s all I notice. If the shimmer were golden rather than silver, it would look nicer, but instead it looks kind of tacky.

These blushes blend very easily. They’re soft and pigmented and easy to apply. 

However, because these are baked products, so they don’t last as long. I’d say I get about 5-6 hours of wear with these before they start to look blotchy. Another downfall is the shimmer. If you have oily skin, the shimmer might make you look more shiny.

These retail for $7.99, but I got mine for less on

Overall rating: For the line in general I’d say 8/10, but Corallina alone is a 6.5/10.

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