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23 / 2 / 14

Review: LORAC Pro Palette

Hello everyone! As some of you may know I finally got my hands on the LORAC Pro palette after pining over it for several months. It’s well-revered in the beauty community here on the interwebz, so I was super excited to add it to my collection. Let’s get into the details.

It retails for $42 wherever LORAC is sold; I purchased mine at Ulta. It comes with 16 eyeshadows: 8 matte shades & 8 shimmer/metallic shades, as well as a mini eye primer, which I actually haven’t used. The palette has very thin, compact packaging and a mirror on the inside. Now onto the eyeshadows themselves…

One huge design bonus is the fact that the whole top row is matte and all the shimmery shades makes up the bottom row. They also go from light to dark from left to right. I find these choices to be convenient to the buyer and smart on LORAC’s part.

Row 1: Mattes. These shadows are so, so nice. There is a perfect range of colors here. They have a couple highlight shades (White & Cream), some nice medium browns (Taupe & Sable), and some deeper shades (Espresso & Black)…and a couple pinky-toned shades (Lt. Pink & Mauve) thrown in as well. These are by far some of the best matte shadows I have ever tried. They are incredibly smooth and easy to apply, along with being extremely pigmented, but very blendable. SO GOOD.

Row 2: Shimmers/Metallics. I LOVE shimmery and metallic eyeshadows. That being said, I have really high expectations for them, especially “high-end” ones like these. Some of these I really love, and some of them are just good. I think Gold & Garnet (used in the first look above) are excellent. They are both super metallic and intensely-pigmented. Pewter (used in the second look above) is a nice taupe shade as well. I find that Nude, Champagne, and Lt. Bronze are a bit too similar to each other, all being champagne-y colors with pink undertones on my skin. I also find that Champagne is not quite as pigmented or smooth as the other two. It’s not bad, just not as good. Deep Purple and Slate are really good quality, I’m just not particularly drawn to them… I honestly wish that this palette included a basic medium brown, something like Inglot #42 or MAC Mulch, then it’d have everything I need.

Overall, this palette is amazing. The pigmentation is crazy, like seriously, be careful. A little goes a long way with some of these shadows lol. Formula-wise all these shades are super smooth and feel very luxurious if ya know what I mean. I created both of the eyeshadow looks above using just this palette, and I’ve been playing around with other looks as well. It’s a very versatile palette allowing you to create a light, daytime look or a smoky, night look and anything in between. If you’re an eyeshadow fanatic like me, I’d say go for it , my friend.

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